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Dream On Two

These last few weeks have become quite a mystery to me… Why I hear you say… Well it’s like this. For many years now I have never had dreams or maybe it would be true to say if I do dream I have never been aware of it, not even a vague memory of dreaming. Now for some reason (I’m […]

Blue Planet Earth

I know I have always had a weird imagination, and up until last night, I have always assumed I did not dream. Although that should be I do not normally remember my dreams, rather than not dream. That wasn’t the case this particular night The first thing I remember on awakening the next morning was hurrying to jot this dream […]

Was Covid 19 an Unfortunate Accident

In my latest wacky nightmare scenario, I got to thinking how did the virus get started? News reports of our time made countries worldwide aware that mega-corporations (secret society) feel the world population is no longer sustainable and seen as a future threat to our planet. It is only of late that we (joe soap) have also become aware of […]