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Dreams Are Only A Brain Exercise

Regular visitors know I have a rather weird imagination and my next weird thought is about dreams. Dreams are necessary to help us process the massive amount of information the brain takes in daily while our body gets much-needed rest. Dreams serve as a brain exercise, allowing us to process the vast amount of information accumulated during the day while […]

Dreaming: Dream Four (What Happened Next)

My starting point for these weird dreams of mine always starts in the same dark room or what appeared to be a dark room with me sh–ing bricks and this last dream was no different. The continuation of this part of the dream did not happen the next night. It happened a few weeks after the first part of the […]

When Dreaming Becomes Unpleasant

It’s been some while since I had my last dream to order (so to speak). I set this dream diary up to post about my follow-on dreams but it turns out my waking dreams can be a bigger nightmare so I am going to use my diary for both my wacky thoughts and sleeping dreams. I now find myself having […]

This Forsaken Earth

Regular visitors to are familiar with my occasional eccentric thoughts, and it seems another one is brewing. As I always mention in my religious blog posts, if you hold your religious beliefs close and are not open to debate, I kindly suggest that you refrain from reading further. Regardless of the religious faith one holds dear, it is likely […]