Déjà Vu Have We Been Here Before

My thoughts this month are around something I have felt before, and still, have no explanation for Déjà vu. What is Déjà vu? Well, almost all of us are aware it means to experience the illusion of having already experienced something we are actually experiencing for the first time. Have you ever overheard your parents, or maybe a friend say […]

A Coal Mine With A Spook To Its Name

I came across the following eerie story in an old newspaper clipping (Shields Gazette 2005). The story was wrapped around Boldon Colliery Coal Mine. Boldon Colliery used to be a mining village in the North East of England. I say Village but it’s more like a small town these days, is still there, but the mine workings were closed in […]

Polyclinics: Walk-In Clinics

Well, what do you know our Government is thinking about opening what they term Polyclinics. This is not a new idea Germany has had this kind of walk-in clinic, with everything but the kitchen sink built into them, for some time now. We are told that if and when these kinds of clinics open their doors it will bring fast […]

Alcohol Problem: Age Limit

I guess the best way to start this post would be with a question, everyone seems to be asking, should the UK law be changed to allow the 16 to 18 year old to be able to order, and drink alcohol in a pub?… At the moment the law allows the 16′s to 18′s to order a drink in a […]

The Flawed Diamond

I speak of an age-old problem in the field of Mental Health… Schizophrenia. Now, this is a word that could bring to mind all sorts of questions and answers. If you ask the man in the street the meaning of the word you may get an uneducated reply, something along these lines: crazy person, not normal, loony tune, Jekyll and […]

Who’s Been Sleeping In Your Bed

Well I reckon that header opens the door for many topics for debate Could your partner, the love of your life, your one and only, be unknown to you, of course, your long-lost half-brother, half-sister, aunt, uncle, nephew, etc. I do not know how marriage pans out in other countries, but here in England, it seems as if it is […]