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The Majestic Oak Tree

There was more to come, but at that particular time, I thought that was the end of it. The next night my dream did not pick up where it had left off, but I knew I was still in the same dream from the previous night because hundreds of rather large black beetles that had been heading my way were […]

Dream On Two

These last few weeks have become quite a mystery to me… Why I hear you say… Well, it’s like this. For many years now I have never had dreams or maybe it would be true to say if I do dream I have never been aware of it, not even a vague memory of dreaming. Now for some reason (I’m […]

An Unusual Change To My Sleeping Habits

I know I have always had a weird imagination, and by the same token up until last night, I have always assumed I did not dream. Although that should be I do not normally remember my dreams, rather than not dream. That wasn’t the case this particular night. The first thing I remember on awakening the next morning… I had […]

Credit Card-Loophole

Have you used your credit card to purchase an item? Well, here is something you may, or may not know. Most all of us are aware that if you pay by credit card if the purchase is/over £100 and not more than 30,000 pounds you can claim your money back from the card company. on grounds, the seller fails to […]

Adam And Eve And The Garden Of Eden

I feel another weird post coming on… Have you ever opened your door to answer someone knocking and found it was not that long-awaited parcel, instead you find yourself face to face with two individuals preaching the Bible? Well, this happened yesterday to my wife. Why she let them get her into a debate on what God wants and what […]

Eurovision Song Contest 2012

Another year, another Eurovision. Will it be good? For its entertainment value, I suppose it will be. Should the UK pull out? Yes, I believe we should. Perhaps we could then watch it as farcical entertainment without handing out over £100,000 of license payers money for a competition that is so politically motivated, it has absolutely nothing to do with […]